The crowd was so damn hype the ENTIRE time. Wow.

Me, Jenn, Josh, Kev, Keith, Kenny, and Rel caused some ruckus at this hotel event. They asked us to do a bedtime story, then I remember us being asked to leave the stage. #whitewinehangover

My new favorite anime! Attack on Titan. All the episodes are subtitled, which usually annoys me, but IT’S SO GORGEOUS. The story is heavy too.

coolest music video out right now. 

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    Episode 7: Adelle Waldman and Jermaine Fowler

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Adelle Waldman (author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.) sits down to talk about relationships, writing from a male perspective, and bad blowjobs while Jermaine Fowler (MTV2’s Guy Code) asks Dan how often he has sex right before doing a comedy show. Reading! Sex! Love! What’s not to like?

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Guy Code Podcast

Me and Kevin Barnett sat down and discussed seeing our Dad’s cry amongst other things. Click the link thing:

#JerMania Tour